Hire purchase

Aare Car Dealership offers an opportunity to hire purchase a vehicle up to 36 months with no initial contribution!

The amount of your initial down-payment depends on the particular selected vehicle and your previous payment record. We also accept your old vehicle as the initial down-payment.

You are not obligated to present the balance sheet of your back account nor your personal income verification. Although, minimum one surety is required! We will inform you about the possibility to offer you hire-purchase as soon as possible, but not later than 24h after the enquiry.

If the verdict is positive, we will consider your wish of the date for payment, as well as determining the the monthly payment amount when signing the contract. If necessary, you can take up to two months grace period during which only interest payments are to be paid.

NB! You can apply for the grace period only prior indebtedness occurs or right after the liquidation of the debt. Grace period can be taken after every 6 months.

Hire-purchase of the vehicle has the interest from 18.- Euros per month, in addition to the fixed monthly payment on a monthly basis until the end of the hire-purchase period.

If you wish to buy your vehicle after a shorter or longer period of time than agreed on your contract, also your interest payments will rise or fall accordingly.

The one-time contract fee for hire-purchase is from 0.- euros and has to be paid while signing the contract. First monthly payment has to be paid one month after signing the contract according to the payment schedule.

Special discount prices or so called quick selling prices are applicable if you pay for the vehicle in cash or by bank transfer at the time of the purchase.

Special offers are not applicable if you buy the vehicle with hire-purchase.

If you wish to buy a vehicle hire-purchase, please contact our sales site at Kadaka tee 82, Tallinn or fill in the application below. After a quick examination of the data you will be contacted and if the decision is positive, the time of the transaction will be agreed to be carried out at our sales site.

Check our sales site location by clicking "Contact & Location" in the upper navigation.

Terms & conditions

Hire-purchase is available for all Estonian citizens from the age of 18 to 70.

The applicant of hire-purchase must not have overdue loans or debts of any instances (bailiffs, debt collection companies, police, banks or other institutions). Loans, leases or hire- purchases which payments are in order, are not considered as such. Leasing applicant can not have a valid criminal punishment.

The applicant of a purchase hire must have a valid driver's license (at least for a B category of vehicle control law) and should present an identity document at the time of conclusion of the contract (ID card or a passport or a driving license).

To buy the vehicle using hire-purchase, it is necessary to have at least one person as surety. If the buyer pays an initial payment of at least 20% of the price of the vehicle, the existence of a surety is not required. Equal conditions apply for both – surety and the applicant of a hire purchase (excluding the license requirement).

If the applicant of a hire-purchase is a legal entity, it is required to have two private individuals acting as a surety.

Special discount prices or so called quick selling prices are not applicable if you pay for the vehicle with hire-purchase. Discount prices only apply to prior agreement with the seller - in the case of an initial payment of at least 20% of the price of the vehicle.

If you want to book a vehicle in advance, you are required to pay a deposit of minimum 50.- euros to Aare Auto OÜ bank account number - Swedbank EE592200221058386393. Deposit ensures booking for 5 days and will be deducted from the purchase price of the vehicle at the time of signing the agreement. For each following day of booking, an additional 10 euros per day will apply. As an explanation of the payment you should mark - the car brand, reg.nr, buyer's name and the date on which the buyer will finalize the agreement.

After the payment is done, please be sure to let us know via e-mail, phone or sending an sms. One vehicle can be booked for max. 30 days.

OÜ Aare Autopood reserves the right to refuse to offer hire-purchase, even if all of the above-mentioned conditions are met by the applicant for payment by installments. OÜ Aare Autopood is not obliged to give reasons for a refusal of hire-purchase.

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